Designers will use 2 anchor items from Humble Design inventory as well as Humble accessories (and supplement with personal items) to create 10×8 vignettes that reflect the Humble Home. Vignette categories include: Living, Bedroom, Dining, Children’s playrooms, “Man Caves,” Offices, etc. Not familiar with the Humble mission? Visit the Humble Design website!

Choose your participant category:

Builder * Professional * Enthusiast * Student


  • Professional, Enthusiast participant cost: $50
  • Vignettes space is 10×8 and is piped and draped on 3 sides (8′ back, 3′ sides) in white. Items may be hung using a 5lb bracket (supplied by designer).
  • Vignette location will be by lottery and not known until the day of the event.
  • Vignettes will use 2 anchor pieces from Humble Design inventory that may not be changed.  Choose wisely during selection!
  • Supplement your design with your personal items.
  • No candles or liquids may be used.
  • Limited power available.
  • Bring toolbox, power strips step ladders.
  • Vignettes must be completed by 3 p.m.
  • All Humble accessories MUST be packaged and All assembled Humble items MUST be disassembled and ready to return to Humble BEFORE you leave the event.


  • Best Use of Mystery Accessory (item will be given to each item upon arrival for Set-up)
  • Judges Choice of Top Professional, Builder, and Enthusiast
  • Past Winners