History of the Design Challenge

We began the Challenge in 2017 in partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County to showcase their work, mission, and ReStores. What started with 12 designers grew in 2018 to 21 Professional vignettes and a Student Showcase with an additional 17 vignettes from 38 students!

We are excited to see where this year's Challenge takes us on September 29, 2020.

2018 Awardees:

Judges' Choice


  • Professional: Holly Hartter
  • Student: Olivia Ifezue and Brooke Johnson, Wayne State University
  • Best Use of Mystery Accessory: Kohler Signature Store by First Supply Birmingham, Susan Yangouyian-Diamond, Kathleen Sullivan, and Christine Nazareno


Popular Professional Vignettes:

  1. Jo Golda, Jo’s Organizing Rochester Hills, with Susan Carmody, Shelly Shallcross, and Susan Thomas
  2. Andre Drewery
  3. Kohler Signature Store by First Supply Birmingham

Popular Student Vignettes:

  1. Trent Schmitz and Natalie Miller, Lawrence Tech University
  2. Emily Trevarrow, Breezy McEntee, Gyuri Jang, Michigan State University
  3. Reham Ramadan, Theresa Riviera, Wayne State University

2017 Awardees:

Peoples' Choice Vignettes:

  1. Debi Hollis, Interior Lifestyles
  2. Debora Wright, Dee Dee Designs
  3. Darla Rowling and Chris Decker, Impact Staging Experts